The Founding Philosophy
TEFL 101: Principles, Approaches, Methods & Techniques is published by Cambridge Academic and contains 101 mini-chapters covering every aspect of ESL teaching. This book is the culmination of Luan Hanratty's work maintaining education standards in schools throughout China. It is a comprehensive catalogue of his knowledge, wit and wisdom related to the industry. A good teacher should delight in taking fairly complex concepts and breaking them down so that anyone can understand. Thus this book is written in a style that newly-hired teachers & laymen can appreciate and as such, it is also a reaction against the many teaching books that talk in abstract, convoluted and jargon-heavy ways. Instead, TEFL 101 is straightforward and relevant to the world of language teaching.

Sections: Classroom Management • Evolution of Methods • Classic Questions • Speech & Text • Grammar & Fluency • Phonology • Interactions • Psychology • Large Classes • Philosophical & Theoretical Considerations • Social Issues & Asian Considerations • Commercial & Professional Issues.
The Founding Philosophy — Translated
豆瓣阅读中文世界独家发布。中国著名英语培训师卢安(Luan Hanratty)写给英语教师的101条法则。英语学习者也能从中受益。直陈中国英语教学的诸多弊病,结合理论又不拘于理论,依仗的是多年在华的深厚教 学经验。译者汤晓蕾也是英语教师,译文流畅准确,有一股大方之气。 这是一本写给全世界各种英语教师的实用教学指南。不同于以往你可能读过的各种语言教学理论书籍,这本书里没有晦涩难懂的行话,也没有脱离课堂教学的学术研 究,所有的思想都来源于实践又高于实践,可谓是一本真正实用的教学实践丛书。 此书英文版由剑桥学术出版社于2010年出版,原版售价为15英镑。全书由101个小节组成,内容涵盖各个方面,包括课堂掌控、教学组织、教育心理学、社 会文化,以及英语教学中的各种方法和技巧等,不仅包括对各种教学理论和实践的反思,还提供了很多实用有效的建议。 除了介绍语义翻译法这一充满革新的二语习得方法,本书还向读者演示如何运用心理学技巧提高课堂影响力。这本书实用、全面,适用于全世界任何教龄及任何环境 中的语言教师。
Great Debates
It doesn’t get more communicative than debates and this book provides a comprehensive collection of meaningful topics for students to tackle. Debate is necessary for learning about the world and for developing intellectual and critical thinking processes. It is topical and constructive and it builds a spirit of maturity and inquiry in students. This course covers international relations and trade, tax and spending, the gap between rich and poor, globalization, culture, commerce, civil liberties, crime & punishment and other ethical dilemmas of state.

The 24 lesson plans contain: • concise overviews of the topics • cue cards with key ideas • functional phrases • rhetorical tropes • principles of logic • commentaries on relevant works of art • activities which incorporate community-based learning and writing tasks in real world media to make people not just more socially conscious but more socially active.
Entertainment in English
FREE EBOOK — This collection of lesson plans derives from some of the most successful and entertaining television & radio gameshows. The premise behind the course is that competition and game-playing are extremely conducive to language learning as the students use language they have acquired in a personal context while undertaking a meaningful task. Even the most uninspired and shy students are usually pretty keen to participate in games. From an educational perspective this competitiveness is a virtue; something which facilitates active learning. At the end of the book there is an amount of ‘cash’ to be photocopied multiple times and used as an alternative to stacking up points, because using cash, albeit phony cash, gives games a lot more realism, tension and raucousness.
Contexts for Creative Writing
FREE EBOOK — This book was first published in 1904 and is a classic in the field of language teaching. As well as being a methodological pioneer, Jespersen was one of the world’s seminal linguists and is noted for discovering the Great Vowel Shift in Early Modern English. In language teaching he is known as the father of the Direct Method — a landmark development in language teaching, providing a more humanist approach. Jespersen was one of the first proponents of the need for developing spoken proficiency and more natural production. As such, most modern language teachers today use a style that is inherited directly from this. The Direct Method represents the first movement away from Grammar Translation. It formed a much-needed practical and innovative revolution in teaching and while the book is over a century old, it still holds relevance and profound ideas for us now.
Otto Jespersen
A structured course in creative writing providing opportunity for users to work through exercises individually. This book is based on the belief that the best writing comes not out of the blue but from a context in which the writer can feel involved, and that writing needs as much practical emphasis as a craft as does woodwork, art or music. To aid involvement each chapter contains an initial situation to provide a context which is explored and broken down in a workshop fashion, the practices learned being then applied to a variety of similar situations. The contexts themselves cover a range of writing opportunities and functions — factual and analytic, descriptive and imaginative, dramatic and narrative — exploring the particular needs and challenges of each. They are also progressive and from chapter to chapter there is a development to more complex situations and styles.
Magic Spells for ESL
If a learner improves his or her speaking, all the other skills tend to follow. With that in mind this book comprises a collection of 101 ESL speaking activities built up over more than a decade of teaching English as a foreign language. What we do as language teachers is a form of magic. We build characters and change lives. We open doors into new realms through communication and empowerment. This book is not about grammar and spelling, but indeed to two ideas come from the field of magic and alchemy.

Grimoire [noun, arch.]: a venerated tome containing the lore of esoteric magic spells. The origin of the first grammars. See glamour, grammar.
Spell [noun]: mystical stories or incantations that need to be spoken correctly if they are to have the desired effect. See spiel, spelling, speech.