Magna Carta
The Magna Carta has been called the most important document in history. This book highlights the contexts and characters around its creation, as well as the people and events that reiterated its principles, keeping alive a political tradition protecting rights and freedoms that is still in force today.

Magna Carta Commentaries is not a long boring academic book, yet contains a great deal of thorough research and original conclusions. The 48 stories provide detailed insights into medieval life, intriguing profiles of the characters involved, and overviews of the Charter's legal and constitutional ramifications down the centuries.
Asymmetric Warfare for Entrepreneurs
This book is published by MX Publishing and is a deconstruction and adaptation of TE Lawrence's epic account of the Arab Revolt. Lawrence was one of the great military thinkers and adventurers of history and the insights we can take from his philosophy of war are directly applicable to the world of business, marketing and leadership.

Each lesson in this book provides platforms and guidance for defeating competition, getting the best out of people, forging stronger relationships and becoming more creative, emotionally intelligent and focussed. The book also draws on psychological techniques and principles from neuro-linguistic programming to improve interpersonal communication and team spirit. This is further developed with inspiration and stories from other great thinkers and business leaders who themselves have struggled and succeeded against the odds.
Christian Poems
A comprehensive compilation of religious verse from some of the finest writers in the English language. This book showcases a wealth of work from writers such as Shakespeare, Donne, Wordsworth, Blake, Byron, D.H. Lawrence, T.S. Eliot, Thomas Hardy and a host of literary greats. The poems provide food for thought and renewed significance in a world where the need to reconcile modern life with spiritual well-being is greater than ever before.
Concealed Drives
Concealed Drives is a collection of poems framing thoughts and lamentations on bygone eras in North East England. The poems jump from locales to personal scenarios, recalling the history of the places and the accompanying intransigent decline through stark and eery glimpses into lives and habitats. The tone is at times melancholic, irreverent, honest, insightful while sometimes brutal and nihilistic, providing a refreshing alternative to the gushing sentimentality that so often characterises works on regional themes. The idea of a formerly thriving North East is contrasted with an often ironic and regretful post-modern outlook. At once solemn and at other times striking, the highly crafted forms are woven from the heart and reflect a life deeply connected to the subject matter.

Jerome Hanratty (1930-2013) lived through the depression, wartime and subsequent phases of development, decay and regeneration, and this experience combined through the lens of an English teacher, dramatist and lover of the North East, provides a masterful collection of reflections.
Chief of the Name & Clan
Rivalry, honour, murder and vengeance, Highlander Jamie MaCraile faces the ultimate tests of love and power, destiny and betrayal.

Chief of the Name and Clan is a swashbuckling 17th century story documenting the desperate struggle between two Scottish clans in the aftermath of the English Civil War.
Conversations with Warren Buffett
In 2006 Warren Buffett decided to give away most of his fortune to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In this exclusive series of conversations and koans, Warren explains to Bill the motivation behind his decision and outlines his profound attitude towards life, success and happiness.
Meeting the Sasquatch
A philosophical fantasy novel in the mould of The Alchemist. In progress....