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Pen Bal publishes on a range of subjects covering fiction, business, general reference and poetry. Feel free to submit your manuscript for editing and publication. It will be given the respect and attention it deserves.

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.”
— Hemingway
Content & books for English language teachers and language teachers in general.
The TEFLideas philosophy centres on challenging students to develop their skills, confidence and knowledge through engaging and entertaining activities, backed by an eclectic mix of solid communicative theory and humanistic principles.

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lumturo learning
As well as various books & apps for learners, the flagship of this imprint is a multi-modal web-based course for learning English. This consists of 48 units covering 8 levels, from complete beginner to advanced and forms the basis of a curriculum to be used in schools. The project is built on Founder, Luan Hanratty's philosophy of language teaching TEFL 101: Principles, Approaches, Methods & Techniques
The courseware is comprehensive and cohesive with human beings; using speech recognition and a level of interactivity that is usually overlooked. It occupies the intersection of entertainment & education, art & science, and skills & knowledge, embodying an approach that is sorely lacking from the multitude of average products available.
Lumturo courseware is best used in tandem with physical lesson plans provided. Technology does not stand alone. Ideally it should be used to free up teachers to do communicative tasks, where they polish and refine what has been learned already. Where teachers can motivate, test, and give feedback to learners.

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